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Why Marwood Estates

Marwood Estates serves as a participating self-performing sponsor and investor in residential development and redevelopment real estate investment opportunities.

Our managing partner has more than 40 years direct executive project & construction management and land development experience in all aspects of new residential construction, renovation of residential and commercial real estate projects.

 Our principle is the owner of a reputable Houston based general contracting company by the name of Marwood Construction. (Place Marwood Construction logo w/ hyperlink)

Our goal is to provide our partners with meaningful and profitable real estate investments through aligning our mutual interest and by mitigating risk associated with each venture.

We achieve these goals through our detailed process of diligently evaluating potential investment opportunities through feasibility studies, financial analysis and creation of a win – win investment scenario that is financially beneficial to our investors.


Marwood Estates expertise is in understanding the Houston real estate market and the cost to value relationship for building or repairing real properties.

One of the company’s areas of expertise is the acquisition of strategic infill land opportunities that allow for high density housing placed in gated communities.

These ground up new construction housing solutions can take the form of single family or multi-family housing solutions.

These exceptional projects have a distinct sense of living space uniquely defined by our detailed approach to design and creating high quality lifestyle residences.

Marwood Estates utilizes their development and architectural experience to visualize and build housing developments that are limited in availability and offer owners or tenants a unique lifestyle for work and living.  

The architectural design approach involves design and construction cost commitment that is consistent with the target demographics to properly scale the investment to the available land.

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Real Investment Strategies


Acquisition of existing properties is a common practice to maintain financial resources in Houston. The real estate market has been steadily and consistently increased in value over the past decades.

Marwood Estates approach toward acquisition of property is different than the conventional approach.

We look for investment opportunities for property that needs to be repurposed for a new end user.

The ideal property is structurally sound, has a good location for its intended repurposed use and can be physically converted in a much shorter time than new construction.

The advantages are the leveraging of existing property that is not serving its original intended purpose can be redeveloped into an investment that yields better than market returns on other alternatives.


Marwood Estates also specializes in opportunistic distressed real estate investments, with a focus on redevelopment and repositioning for existing undervalued assets.

Distressed real estate can take different forms including; financial distress, functional or purpose obsolesce and liquidity distress.

Each form of distress provides unique circumstances that requires careful evaluation and due diligence to structure an opportunistic solution for an attractive investment opportunity.

This requires the evaluation of the needed capital for improvements, determination of the holding strategy and ultimately the optimum return on investment.    

Our goal is to generate capital gains, passive income, and long-term equity appreciation for the owners / investors through the purchase and leveraged acquisition of undervalued investments.

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