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Redevelopment and Restoration Projects

Houston Real Estate Acquisitions

Marwood Estates team is dedicated to sourcing development and investment opportunities through Houston real estate acquisition.

Our team aggressively pursues timely and strategic acquisitions based on market fundamentals.

Each real estate acquisition Houston opportunity is thoroughly researched, underwritten and supported by comprehensive analysis with an emphasis on understanding the upside and downside risk profile of each opportunity.

Marwood Estates provides both single family and multi-family distressed and undervalued opportunities as Houston real estate acquisitions.  

These ventures are driven by many factors including location, land values, local economic conditions and immediate comparable property valuations.

Our primary target market is the greater Houston metroplex, but we also consider the four other major cities in Texas.

Real Estate Acquisition Texas Investment

Our focus is on undervalued housing assets that represent the following;

Real Estate Acquisition General Investment Parameters

  • Core locations in major Texas metropolitan markets
  • Preference for value-add opportunities either through increased occupancy/lease-up, improved management and repositioning, redevelopment or distressed situations
  • Assets priced below replacement cost

Preferred size range

  • Investment properties – $500,000 to $15,000,000
  • Development sites – generally providing multiple financial options including land values and redevelopment or the restoration and repositioning of housing apartment projects.
Real Estate Acquisitions Houston

Acquisition for Construction Redevelopment

Real Estate Acquisition

Marwood Estates preliminary evaluation includes both interior and exterior apartment rehabilitation.

In our assessment of improvements, we consider the age of the project and carefully inspect the structural components, interior finishes and community amenities.

Our intentions are to properly and cost effectively rehabilitate the project to reduce future maintenance cost and provide our future users a quality housing solution regardless of our investment strategy.

Our apartment rehabilitation services include everything from cosmetic upgrades for kitchens and bathrooms, to full renovations from demo to finish.

We take pride in facilitating a highly orchestrated project improvement flow that results in a timely and financially rewarding result.

The project rehab can take place in vacant project units in shorter cycle time or can be scheduled while occupied by renovating units in smaller groups over a longer duration but proving rental revenue during the construction phase.

Real Estate Acquisition Investments

While exterior improvements do not directly correlate into greater rental income, they do directly affect the curb appeal, the protection of the integrity of the asset and the long-term capital gains.

Provided the interior improvements are wisely selected, the greatest contributing factor to added long term value and increasing NOI are improvements that increase the quality and convenience of the modern urban lifestyle.

Our company provides a comprehensive market and financial analysis in determining the feasibility and exit planning strategy for each project.

It is not uncommon to evaluate 20 projects in an effort to identify a single project that meets our company and investment standards.

Marwood Estates believes that these kinds of business practices are required as part of our financial due diligence in our efforts to align our interest with our investors to mitigate risk.

Each property we evaluate for acquisition undergoes a rigorous underwriting and diligence process to ensure that we fully understand all aspects of the property and any associated risks.

The key product of our analysis is the ability to determine whether the asset fits our investment strategy and operational goals.

Our wide-ranging analysis ensures that we are focusing on the key drivers influencing the successful execution of our investment strategy.

Redevelopment Real Estate Acquisitions