Build to Rent Investments Houston

Special Purpose Development Projects

Build to Rent Houston Design

Build to rent investments Houston is construction or acquisition of numerous single-family homes by investors with the intention of placing these homes for rent to create streams of income.

The advantage to the renter is the ability for them to live in a single-family home instead of an apartment when preparing to start a family.

Build to rent investments Houston have come of age due to the shortage of affordable housing inventory and the inflationary pressures on housing cost.

This has created an opportunity for Marwood Estates and accredited investors to fill a current need in the Houston housing market.

Marwood Estates takes a comprehensive approach, providing professional guidance concerning everything from land acquisition to infrastructure improvements and the design and construction management to creating the optimum environment for living and working.

Our experience is in urban infill development and its commitment to build to rent community enhancement.

Marwood manages complex residential projects, focusing on the unique environmental, aesthetic and economic demands of the communities in which it controls and operates.

Design for Build to Rent Communities

Build to rent community development begins with good architectural design which is a process of blending aesthetics, function, environment values and social change with the realities of local economic market values.

Our team extensively researches marketing demographics while closely evaluating the market competitive analysis in formulating the project feasibility to increase assurance of the desired results.

Marwood Estates delivers build to rent communities that dramatically exceed the standards of competing developers and builders by tailoring each project to its site.

This approach maximizes the return for property owners and drives value for our partners and investors.

Build to Rent Houston

Construction for Build to Rent Homes

Houston Build to Rent

The company internally manages construction operations for all of their developments and civil infrastructure projects in the Houston market.

Through managing construction Marwood Estates ensures that their management team is involved in every facet of the design process and can maintain it high standards of quality and cost control required in project management.

Marwood’s approach assures that our team is able to maintain a greater degree of quality control, achieve projected timelines and ultimately deliver a superior product to the homeowner.

The company’s dedicated construction team brings years of experience and commitment to quality to every build to rent home they undertake.

Houston Build to Rent Investments

Our investment criteria reflect our philosophy of partnering with private equity investors to create shareholder value by actively supporting their vision in pursuit of aggressive and well-developed growth funds with two to five year maturity exits.

Marwood Estates takes a long-term approach to each investment opportunity with the view of determining how it fits within our partners portfolio needs.

We strive to balance attractive cash flow with generous long term capital gains.

This long-term philosophy leads us to develop and acquire properties that meet and exceed the highest investment criteria.

We are focused on finding high quality BTR home opportunities and then applying the appropriate uses in a way that maximizes synergies and total asset value.

This approach provides our investors with exceptional opportunities, along with the assurance that a broad selection of options has been considered.

Additionally, this philosophy places a focus on developing properties with concern for life-cycle costs, flexibility of design, sustainability and maintainability.

Each property we evaluate undergoes a rigorous underwriting and diligence process to ensure that we fully understand all aspects of the property and any associated risks.

The key product of our analysis is the ability to determine whether the asset fits our investment strategy and operational goals.

Our wide-ranging analysis ensures that we are focusing on the key drivers influencing the successful execution of our investment strategy.

Houston Build to Rent Investment

Benefits of Build to Rent Investments

Build to Rent Investments Houston

When investors are comparing real estate alternatives, build to rent investment should seriously be considered to any other option primarily due to this emerging market’s investment attributes;

Severe Housing Supply Shortage – It is wildly publicized that there is an affordable housing shortage for young professionals approaching the age of starting families.

Single family housing construction cost has continued to increase over the years and has created barriers of entry for the next generations to afford to live in a single-family home.

These pressures have now caused a shortage of affordable single family rental property.

Better Cash Flow – When comparing apartments to single family build to rent investments, the single-family homes generate collective much better cash flow for fewer units to own.

Recession Resistant – Single family homes are recession resistant compared to other real estate investments primarily due to the massive shortage of inventory. Unlike commercial property, single family ownership demand is on the rise.

Longer Term Rental Renewals – According to Forbes, the build to rent homes have a 74% renewal rate far more than the apartment rentals.

Great Inflation Hedge – The BTR houses appreciate in market value as time passes which provides a great hedge against inflation eroding equity.

Multiple Portfolio Exit Strategies – Different than apartments, build to rent investment portfolios have a variety of different exit plans.

  1. The portfolio can be sold as a bundle and merged with other portfolios
  2. The houses can be sold off separately to the public

The homes can be sold separately to the renter