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Marwood Estates LLC, is a Houston based privately held diversified real estate investment, development and management company. Our business model represents opportunities in both new construction and restoration of single family and multi-family projects in the Texas market. Our purpose is to provide high quality, unique housing alternatives for the changing needs of the defined market segments that will enrich our home buyers and tenants living experience while optimizing our investors return.small-img1

Our company pursues small narrowly defined niche urban infill development ventures that are architecturally aligned with specific market demographics and a well structured execution plan that aligns partnership interest and mitigates risk. These ventures are financially structured for both “build to sell” and “build to hold” strategies and are created with less than a five year exit plan in mind. Additionally, our strategy provides us the unique ability to execute projects of all sizes and virtually unlimited complexity across multiple property types.

Marwood Estates business model allows our company to operate profitably while participating in any housing economic cycle by adjusting our investment strategy in response to the general economic conditions. This allows Marwood as a Sponsor to buy during unfavorable conditions and sell during favorable conditions. This flexible financial operating strategy allows our investment ventures to enjoy larger value appreciation as well as solid investment operating returns.

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